Algonac Haul-Outs

The name Algonac is know far and wide as the world's most reliable and efficient haul-out.

  • One man operation
  • Safe, fast, economical
  • Electric self-propulsion & hoisting power
  • Capacity to spare
  • 20, 30, 40 ton models
  • "A" frame dual hoists controlled separately or together for balance
  • Roller bearings throughout
  • Trouble-free maintenance

    Handling really big pleasure craft and commercial boats of comparable tonnage involves many problems, but Minderman Marine has recognized them all and eliminated every one step-by-step over a period of thirty years with successive improvements until today the great Algonac is the most modern of all boat haul-outs.

    Simplicity of design has been the keystone of the Algonac backed by sound planning and skilled rugged construction.

    Operating on rails, the hoist has been the work horse for marinas year in and year out with a minimum of maintenance and expense. The rugged, yet simple design and superb construction never quits earning its keep when it comes to lifting the big yachts.

Three Separate "A" Frame Models
It's as simple as this. An "A" frame basic unit of great rigid strength, electrically powered for hoisting and steel flanged wheel propulsion on well supported rail tracks, is the foundation of the three "capacity to spare" models.

Used in multiple tandem with simple mechanical and electrical connectors, each "A" frame accounts for ten tons of lifting and moving capacity.

Algonac Boat Hoist Slings

The Algonac boat hoist slings are made of the finest materials available and are made in a variety of widths and lengths to suit the needs of the large or small marina at competitive prices.

The nylon slings are fully adjustable with our own specially designed end fittings so you need only one length of sling to accomplish your hoisting needs.

Widths available with corresponding loads at a 5 to 1 safety factor are as follows per sling:

2" 3200 lbs.
4" 6400 lbs.
6" 9600 lbs.
8" 12,800 lbs.
12" 19,200 lbs.

Some slings are available with a tell tale red thread to indicate excessive wear or damage of the sling. Our Algonac rubber backed cable slings are made from 5/8", 7x7 galvanized wire rope with a tensile strength of 24,640 lbs. at 5 to 1 safety, and has our own horseshoe design center disconnects. Each half of the sling is made for the double cable to equalize itself to allow for the contour of the boat.

The disconnect is used to eliminate the excessive movement of the hoist in either direction and to get it between the boat and cradle of the blocking.

All metal fittings are now plated to prolong the life of the slings. They are made in a variety of lengths from 22 to 36 feet and can be furnished with center or off center disconnects.

Any sling ordered will be shipped within 2 working days.

The great Algonacs never quit paying their way over and over, but when Spring launching and Fall haul-out times come around and every man must be three, just one hand can operate this installation fast, efficiently, profitably with safety for personnel and the customer's boats.
You can't beat it!

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