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Algonac Propeller Puller
A Great Time-Saver! Protects the Propeller, the Shaft, and the Bearings. Pulls 2, 3, and 4-Blade Wheels (10" to 24") quickly, without disturbing close coupled rudders. Requires only minimum clearance between hub and strut or stern bearings.

Choose from these models:

Model A Puller -
For Props 10 to 24 inches (maximum jaw opening 7 inches)

Model B Puller -
For Props 24 to 80 inches (maximum jaw opening 15 inches)

   The new Algonac Propeller Puller, only scientifically designed puller made of high strength, heat-treated chrome steel, is made expressly for the fast, safe removal of propeller wheels. But above all, Algonac Puller is worth many times its low cost, because it eliminates other crude methods of wheel removal. It does this awkward job simply, easily and quickly, rather than by sledge hammer methods, without upsetting the shaft, jolting the bearings or damaging and marking the wheel itself.

Algonac Propeller Shaft Puller
The Algonac Shaft Puller is made of high quality stress proof steel to exacting specifications of maximum protection of the shaft threads. It operates on the jack hammer principle. You can pull the toughest shafts with no more lost tempers, pipe wrench marks, or skinned knuckles, just install the proper size nut, loosen coupling set screws and proceed with the slide hammer.

The new or repaired shaft can be put back into the boat by reverse procedure. The standard puller accommodates shafts from 1" through 1 1/2". Optional nuts for 7/8" and 1 3/4" shaft available.

Algonac Strut Bearing Puller
The Algonac Strut Bearing Puller eliminates the removal of the strut from the boat or the hard pounding or sawing of the old bearing. Just select the proper bushing and screw the old bearing out. Reverse the procedure and pull the new bearing into place. The puller is designed to remove and install strut bearings from 1 1/4" O.D. to 2" O.D.

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